Live Your Dream Without Quitting Your Day Job

By   - Jun 15 , 20110 Comments

According to a Manpower survey, 84 percent of Americans will be looking for new jobs this year. Some will be looking for more money but others will be chasing their dreams. Popular ..

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Revision Fairy Saves Clients From Reputation-Crushing Mistakes

By   - Jan 10 , 20110 Comments

Can you afford to have reputation-crushing mistakes in your writing? You count on your written words to work for you -- they are a representation of your knowledge and expertise. Y ..

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The Birth of “Passing the Buck”

By   - Jan 07 , 20110 Comments

Back in the days of the old and wild west, poker became a popular saloon game. It also became a problem because poker players thought little of trying to cheat their tablemates. Th ..

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Don’t Choke: Book Teaches Excellence Under Pressure

By   - Dec 28 , 20100 Comments

How do actors, athletes, speakers and everyday workers perform well when it really counts? New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan has a new book that tells the hows and whys. In Cl ..

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11 Ways to Get What You Want in 2011

By   - Dec 20 , 20100 Comments

Most of us have been taught that if we want others to cooperate with us, we have to compromise -- that is, to get something, we have to give something. There's a better way, howeve ..

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eBookIt Helps Authors Convert and Submit Their Books

By   - Dec 16 , 20101 Comment

A new company,, helps authors and publishers convert and distribute eBooks through established relationships with the industry's leading eBook retailers. Gone are the d ..

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Kevin Nalty Informs and Entertains in Beyond Viral

By   - Dec 14 , 20100 Comments

If you haven't had the pleasure of getting to know Kevin yet, I encourage you to go to YouTube immediately and search "Nalts." As the most viewed personality on YouTube, Kevin Nalt ..

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New Book Shares Secrets for Building Success with Relationships

By   - Dec 06 , 20100 Comments

No matter what your goals are, knowing how to build your relationships is the key to making your dreams a reality. When you know how to maximize your connections with friends, fami ..

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Help Yourself, and Your People, Become Indispensable

By   - Nov 19 , 20100 Comments

Critics say this is Seth Godin's most passionate book. First, he tells you, "There are no longer any great jobs where someone else tells you precisely what to do." In his book, Lin ..

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Seven Truths Of Career Success…In Good Times and Bad

By   - Nov 08 , 20100 Comments

Are you depressed that you didn't ace the last job interview?  Feel like a failure because the job that looked so good went to another candidate?  It's certainly tempting to just g ..

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Nancy Juetten Offers the Cure for the Boring Bio

By   - Oct 25 , 20100 Comments

Is your bio helping you to be seen, heard, celebrated and compensated? If not, you need Nancy Juetten. Nancy is the author of Bye-Bye Boring Bio: Attract Clients, Speaking Gigs and ..

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Extreme Marketing Makeover: No Quick Fixes, Just Solid Advice

By   - Oct 23 , 20100 Comments

We're a society that wants "quick fixes." Whether that entails cosmetic procedures, weight loss surgery, or extreme makeovers -- we gravitate to that which we feel will provide us ..

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Book Helps Biz Owners Harvest Successful Biz Sale

By   - Oct 23 , 20100 Comments

David Tolson and Christopher Younger have spent the past six years helping business owners lay plans for selling their businesses. The book takes a consultative approach to the sal ..

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New Book Shares How to Make a Six-Figure Second Income

By   - Oct 07 , 20100 Comments

Today's business owners have learned to be more than a bit skeptical when we hear phrases like "game changer" tossed about. In fact, most of us tend to tune out or simply run for t ..

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Scott Gerber Urges Gen Yers to “Never Get a Real Job”

By   - Sep 20 , 20100 Comments

Known by many as the "Simon Cowell of young entrepreneurship," Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and small business writer. In his new book, Never Get a "Real" ..

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Robert Bloom Introduces Us to the New Experts

By   - Sep 10 , 20100 Comments

An unprecedented transformation has occurred. For the first time ever, Internet empowered customers - aka the "New Experts" - are in control. They are armed with three lethal weapo ..

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Book Encourages Us to Stop Dreaming of Success

By   - Sep 08 , 20100 Comments

Rather than dreaming of success, Mark Fisher encourages us to shirt our way of thinking and grasp success. The Instant Millionaire is a wonderfully-written fable that shares the st ..

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“The New Experts” are in Control of Your Bottom Line

By   - Sep 07 , 20100 Comments

In today's marketplace, the buyers are in control. This is the opening sentiment in Robert H. Bloom's book, The New Experts. Once we recover from the initial sting of that statemen ..

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Dan Ariely Says Defying Logic Can be Good

By   - Sep 01 , 20100 Comments

It's not often that the writing of a behavioral economist is thought-provoking and easy to read at the same time. But if you pick up Dan Ariely's new book, The Upside of Irrational ..

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Honing the Ability to Bounce Back

By   - Jul 15 , 20100 Comments

Maybe you've lost your job or your home. Maybe you're struggling to get by. But tough times are what you make of them -- you can't allow any setback, big or small, to keep you from ..

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