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Protecting Your Tablet at Work

By   - Jan 23 , 20130 Comments

Entertaining as they are, tablet computers and smartphones are not all fun and games. Consider this: With 75 percent of all workers involved in jobs that require mobility, handheld ..

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Franchise a Shipping Shop

By   - Jan 18 , 20130 Comments

You can provide an important benefit to the neighborhood—and make money at the same time. How? By running your own franchised package-shipping service. You don’t have to have a lot ..

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Accelerate Growth in 2013 with Cloud Computing

By   - Jan 16 , 20130 Comments

businesses seem optimistic about increasing sales and hiring in 2013 and are looking to squeeze more productivity out of limited time, staffing and resources. For these reasons, fi ..

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7 Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

By   - Jan 14 , 20130 Comments

Experts agree that communication is key to success, no matter what your line of work. One of the first steps to becoming a better communicator is being more self-aware so that you ..

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Tips to Protect Your Identity at Tax Time

By   - Jan 11 , 20130 Comments

Tax time is always tough. Whether you will owe or anticipate a refund, plan to do your own taxes or pay a professional to do them for you, preparing and filing your taxes can be a ..

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Does Your Home Office Fuel Productivity?

By   - Jan 10 , 20130 Comments

One of the biggest mistakes businesspeople make is assuming that working from home will automatically result in a higher level of productivity. Unless you carefully construct your ..

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Looking for a New Job? Look to the Clouds

By   - Jan 09 , 20130 Comments

The sky is the limit for cloud computing as it continues to drive job growth - garnering interest from Main Street, Wall Street, corporations and governments. A 2012 Microsoft-comm ..

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Are Career Prospects Improving? Three Trends to Watch

By   - Jan 08 , 20130 Comments

As the economy improves, so do career prospects. Here are three trends to watch. Robust job growth in health care and IT: The health care industry employed one in five Americans in ..

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Investing in Equities in a Changing Tax Environment

By   - Jan 04 , 20130 Comments

As the tax environment changes, so too should investment strategies. That’s the word from experts who warn that the current capital gains tax laws are changing. Additionally, studi ..

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Edit and share photos without compromising the original quality of the photo. The new app is designed to put the photo first and lets the photographer choose how to capture, share and discover images.

New Smartphone App Improves Your Pictures

By   - Jan 03 , 20130 Comments

A new app lets you explore and discover a world of gorgeous photography taken by others in a vast community. The new app is designed to put the photo first and lets the photographe ..

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Before “Newphoria” Strikes, Experts Advise to Protect your new Device

By   - Jan 02 , 20130 Comments

When it comes to high-tech holiday gifts, experts remind those who received a new laptop, smartphone or tablet as a gift this holiday to avoid being swept away by the feeling of “n ..

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The End of Marketing as We Know It

By   - Dec 28 , 20120 Comments

Consider for a moment the annoying, interruptive, often obnoxious nature of traditional marketing. Dinnertime phone calls from strangers in noisy call centers. Glossy pictures of t ..

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Tips on Managing Logistics in Your New Company

By   - Dec 27 , 20120 Comments

Starting a new company can be an extremely exciting venture. When it comes to details, however, a lot of people don't realize just how much work can go into the process. With runni ..

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A Wickedly Successful New Year: Nine Strategies to Help You Start Creating a Life That Really Works

By   - Dec 26 , 20120 Comments

The year 2012 is drawing to a close and, for many recession-wracked American women, it feels like just another mile marker in an endurance race going nowhere. Depressing, but true. ..

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Independent We Stand Introduces New Mobile App

By   - Dec 24 , 20120 Comments

Independent We Stand, a movement of locally owned businesses and people across the country, is dedicated to educating their communities about the importance of buying local. More t ..

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Five Innovative Solutions to Help Women Small-Business Owners Grow and Adapt

By   - Dec 21 , 20120 Comments

The recession was tough on many small-business owners. But new research shows that many of today’s women-owned businesses have adapted and emerged stronger from their experiences d ..

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Catch the Wave: New Financial Management Solution for Small Business

By   - Dec 19 , 20120 Comments

Wave, the cloud-based provider of business finance tools to nearly half a million small business customers worldwide, has launched a set of affordable online tools to manage invoic ..

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Starting a Successful Blog: Promoting High Quality Content

By   - Dec 17 , 20120 Comments

[repostus hash=84b7511bb99639e58265fb802a198cc5 title=Starting+a+Successful+Blog%3A+Promoting+High+Quality+Content host=mydailyservices short=1wWDG snip=Image+Source+Starting+a+suc ..

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Internet Marketing – Why Blog Commenting Is Not As Effective as Guest Posting

By   - Dec 12 , 20120 Comments

[repostus hash=cadc2dd8f6f2d40681658ca231f13536 title=Internet+Marketing+%26%238211%3B+Why+Blog+Commenting+Is+Not+As+Effective+as+Guest+Posting host=SEO+PAL+Blog short=1wi3n snip=S ..

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Eight End-of-Year “Must-Dos” for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

By   - Dec 10 , 20120 Comments

Life can be hectic for business owners. Very hectic. And yet, as the year winds to a close and a new year approaches, it pays to take a breather and spend some time thinking about ..

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