Survey Reveals More Than Half Kindle Fire Owners Will Buy an iPad 3

By Feb 23 , 20120 Comments

TechBargains has released its iPad 3 survey results, revealing that a surprising 48% of those surveyed will buy an iPad 3. Of the respondents, 58% want to upgrade their current tablet and 74% concede that no tablet compares to an iPad. The anticipated high price tag of Apple’s next iPad is the main reason 16% of shoppers will not buy the iPad 3 and why 35% remain undecided. The survey also found that more than half of owners of the recently released Kindle Fire will buy an iPad 3.

“When it comes to tablets, Apple’s iPad will continue to remain the leader,” said Yung Trang, President and Editor in Chief of TechBargains. “But what’s very interesting is that Kindle Fire was released just three months ago and yet more than half of Fire owners already know that they will, in fact, buy the iPad 3. This could be a commentary on consumer dissatisfaction with Amazon’s product or simply a message that the iPad’s user experience remains unparalleled.”

Kindle Fire vs. iPad 3
With the recent release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, a surprising 53% will buy the iPad 3 (6% will wait in line on the release date, 17% will buy online on the release date, and 30% will wait and buy the iPad, but with no set time frame). The survey indicated that 85% of those Kindle Fire owners who will buy the iPad 3 want to upgrade their current tablet and 73% say no tablet compares to an iPad. Additionally, 31% of Kindle Fire owners are undecided about their plans to purchase an iPad 3 and 16% do not plan to buy the iPad 3 (of those respondents, 78% won’t buy an iPad 3 already own a tablet and 71% say iPads are too expensive).

iPad & iPad 2 vs. iPad 3
Of the survey respondents 66% of iPad owners and 56% of iPad 2 owners plan to purchase the iPad 3 which indicates consumer’s strong Apple loyalty and the eagerness to have the latest products available. Additional survey results indicate:

iPad Owners

  • 35% are undecided if they will purchase the iPad 3
  • 8% will not purchase the iPad 3 (of those 91% already own a tablet and 72% believe it’s too expensive)

iPad Owners iPad 3 Wish List:

  • 85% want a quad core processor in the iPad 3
  • 80% memory card slot
  • 80% USB port
  • 76% want a better speaker

iPad 2 Owners

  • 32% undecided if they will purchase the iPad 3
  • 13% will not purchase the iPad 3 (of those 94% already own a tablet, 65% say iPad is too expensive)

iPad 2 Owners iPad 3 Wish List:

  • 83% want a better speaker in the iPad 3
  • 83% quad core processor
  • 79% memory card slot
  • 77% USB port

Who is Buying the iPad 3?
The survey revealed that men (51%) are more likely than women (35%) to purchase the iPad 3. The main reason men and women were either undecided or were not going to purchase an iPad 3 was because they felt it was too expensive. On the other hand, the main reason men and women will purchase an iPad 3 is because they believe no other tablets compare to iPad. Additionally, the survey found that respondents ages 31-50 are most likely to buy an iPad 3.

Consumers’ iPad 3 Wish List
The survey included questions regarding what features consumers predict will be included in the iPad 3 and additions they wish Apple would make. The majority of people (67%) believe the iPad 3 will have an upgraded camera to record video in 10-80p and 8MP for high resolution photos. 92% of respondents predict the iPad 3 display will have an increased pixel resolution than the 1024 by 768 of the iPad 2, but people were split on what the new resolution will be. The display size and price of the iPad 3 will remain the same as its predecessor according to the majority of shoppers. Consumers also shared a wish list of features they would USB for iPadlike to see included in the iPad 3. The results include the percent of people who want the following features:

  • Quad Core Processor: 85%
  • Better Speaker: 82%
  • USB for iPad: 82%
  • Memory Card Slot: 81%
  • Less Reflective Screen: 72%
  • Siri: 65%
  • Support for Thunderbolt (42%) and Multiple User (51%) accounts ranked low on wish list

“It’s clear from the wish list results that consumers don’t want the iPad 3 to be a slight improvement over the iPad 2; they’re looking for a significant leap in tablet functionality and specs from Apple’s newest device. That means addressing some elements that left users underwhelmed, like wanting a faster processor or a less reflective screen,” said Jeff Haynes. “The storage features from the wish list probably won’t be included, but those stats speak to the consumer’s desire for Apple to increase its storage options away from iCloud, especially if it wants memory intensive apps or initiatives, like the new textbooks through iBooks, to really take off.”