The Corporate Blog: Article Graveyard or Content Garden?

By Jan 05 , 20120 Comments

Some of the most invested in, and high quality, blogs on the internet are those set up by businesses for promotional purposes. So why is it that blog posts that get the most comments and the most buzz in social media sites are those written by John and Jane Doe bloggers rather than those posted by the businesses with deep pockets?

A corporate website needs to be professional, meetings need to be professional, and branding a business needs to be done in a professional manner, for the most part at least. The blog is an opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers on a more personal level. When a clean cut corporate blog is littered with a bunch of wordiness along with a few charts or graphs, although it might offer great information, nobody ends up reading it. Successful blogs are the ones that connect with their audience on a personal level.

One of the best ways of connecting with an audience is through taking the mask off of the blog and revealing the real people behind the slogans and logos.

One of the easiest and most neglected ways of giving a blog a personal touch is by posting pictures of the people who work in the company. Presenting a picture in front of the reader inspires trust because it shows that the company is not hiding behind a curtain, and seeing a picture of a person naturally makes the blog more personal.

The online shoe store sensation “Zappos” intersperses their blog posts between shoes and fashion focused posts with fun posts featuring their employees. In honor of the new year and the resolutions that come with it, Zappos produced a post about how four of their employees lost a total of 50 pounds, and how they did it. Through posts like these customers are able to connect with the company on a personal level.

Another thing that corporate blogs often sadly neglect is their audience, while the great bloggers show a great appreciation and consideration for their audiences. Obviously, a corporate blog is expected to present products, but the way to present products in a blog is not the same as in an advertisement. Since successful blogging is a more personal art form the presentation needs not be “salesy,” but rather it should be more like show-and-tell.

Although being obvious in other forms of marketing, corporate blogs also often neglect to give their audience what they want. If, for instance, a certain business’s main market is teenagers it would behoove them to have a cool blog with a youthful twist, whereas if another business’s main market is other businesses they should consider a more clean and professional look.

There is one advantage that corporate blogs have over the average blogger. When a reader comes to a corporate blog to find out a little more about the company, the corporate blog can give them something extra special by presenting lesser-known information about the interworking of the company.

Additionally, the blog can be the place for posting promotions. By making the reader feel like he or she is “in on things” that the rest of the world aren’t, the corporate blog can show appreciation to their readers by giving them something a little extra special. And that is also a great way to produce blog posts that go viral.

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