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What is the value of being approachable?

If you ask Scott Ginsberg, the answer is, “priceless.

Scott knows more than a thing or two about being approachable. For the last eleven years, he’s worn a name tag EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He’s even taken it one step further — he’s had his name tag tattooed on his chest.

This high energy marketing student turned entrepreneur and author of thirteen books is now walking talking life changing expert on approachability and the good fortune it brings.

His newest book, The Nametag Principle captures over an entire decades worth of rock candy solid, hard earned lessons learned on how to attract people and get more opportunities in your life.

The pages are filled with a years’ worth of crisp, hard-hitting actions, organized by month, with each days’ reading containing a daily dose of brain candy, all designed to galvanize you into taking action and making daily strides to become more engaging, more joinable, more human and more approachable.

Here’s an excerpt from the month of February:

A friend of mine recently purchased an online sales training course for his employees. When I asked why his salespeople liked the program so much, his answer surprised me:  “Because it’s fun. We can get good content anywhere. But the personality of this program is what makes it so cool.”

JUST AS I SUSPECTED: Nobody buys boring, nobody notices normal and nobody pays for average.

As my friend Rohit so eloquently suggested in his must-read book, Personality Not Included, “People don’t sue doctors they like.”

Your challenge is to figure out which unique attribute of your personality, life experience and expertise you can leverage in a remarkable way. Put values before vocation, individuality before industry and personality before profession.

After all, people buy people first.

How are you leading with your person and following with your profession?

Business people in corporations, governments and organizations all over the world are well advised to take his lessons learned and incorporate them into their culture if they are to survive and thrive in a world

Ginsberg is on a global mission to teach people all about how being approachable can produce dramatic improvements in work environments, cultures, relationships between people and their customers, and in profits.

“When you wear a name tag, people know that you want them to be free to engage you in conversation.  It’s an invitation that tells people ‘Approach me, introduce your self. It’s OK!’ says Scott. That’s they way you want to be seen as a manager and that’s the way you want your people to be seen.”

“When people see you as approachable all sorts of opportunities open up.”

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About the Author
Scott Ginsberg is a fun, lively, energetic and experienced media guest who has been interviewed and featured in USA Today, CNN, NBC, 20/20, Fast Company, Redbook, the Wall St. Journal and dozens of radio and tv talk shows across the nation. Scott is a regular contributor to the St. Louis Small Business Monthly, INSTORE Magazine, PR Canada and Expert Village. His conversational, content-rich articles have appeared in hundreds of online and offline publications worldwide. Also, his work has been reprinted in dozens of textbooks and resource guides.

His other books include Stick Yourself Out There, The Approachable Salesperson, The Approachable Manager, The Approachable Frontline, The Power of Approachability, How to Be That Guy, Hello, My Name is Scott, and Make a Name for Yourself. Visit him online at