What’s the Difference Between Bonds & Bond Funds?

By   - Dec 31 , 20100 Comments

Learning more about the differences between bonds—and the risks involved—can help you decide which is right for you. For example, investing in a bond mutual fund or bond exchange t ..

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Bringing Hollywood Technology to Your Smartphone

By   - Dec 30 , 20100 Comments

Technology that was once used to film award-winning movies is now available for your smartphone. The introduction of Steadicam in 1976 revolutionized the world of film and video. O ..

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Is Smoking Bad for Your Career?

By   - Dec 29 , 20100 Comments

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, but can lighting up also be bad for your career? Frequent smoke breaks can create rifts among employees, with non-smoking collea ..

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Don’t Choke: Book Teaches Excellence Under Pressure

By   - Dec 28 , 20100 Comments

How do actors, athletes, speakers and everyday workers perform well when it really counts? New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan has a new book that tells the hows and whys. In Cl ..

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Live Longer Without Outliving Your Retirement

By   - Dec 27 , 20100 Comments

The United States Census Bureau projects the average American’s life expectancy to be 78.3 years, the highest it’s ever been. Five years ago, the average life expectancy was just o ..

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5 Ways New Small Business Legislation Can Help You

By   - Dec 24 , 20100 Comments

Anyone thinking about starting a business, and entrepreneurs already running their own small business, face new opportunities, thanks to recent changes in legislation. If you've be ..

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Survey: 16+ Hours Per Week are Unproductive

By   - Dec 23 , 20100 Comments

They're your people and they want to be productive and do a good job. But when office workers around the country were surveyed by Microsoft, they said about 16 hours of their work ..

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Cloud Computing Offers Agility & Productivity for SMBs

By   - Dec 22 , 20100 Comments

Small and medium businesses across the U.S. are seeking ways to be more agile, productive and cost effective through the innovative use of IT. However, the cost of procurement, the ..

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Protecting Tomorrow’s Nest Egg – Preparing for the Future

By   - Dec 21 , 20100 Comments

Billions of dollars in retirement savings are unnecessarily lost each year. The Employee Benefit Research Institute estimates that about 59 percent of Americans aged 56 to 62 are a ..

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11 Ways to Get What You Want in 2011

By   - Dec 20 , 20100 Comments

Most of us have been taught that if we want others to cooperate with us, we have to compromise -- that is, to get something, we have to give something. There's a better way, howeve ..

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New Site Connects Freelancers with Work-at-Home Opportunities

By   - Dec 18 , 20100 Comments

Created by an unemployed high-tech worker, Work At Home Jobs.org is helping the estimated 49.5 million unemployed and underemployed find legitimate work from home jobs online. With ..

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Survey Reveals Small Business Owners Concerns Heading into 2011

By   - Dec 17 , 20100 Comments

According to a recent survey, 34 percent of small business owners cited managing cash flow as their toughest challenge in the current economy, followed by 15 percent who said keepi ..

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eBookIt Helps Authors Convert and Submit Their Books

By   - Dec 16 , 20101 Comment

A new company, eBookIt.com, helps authors and publishers convert and distribute eBooks through established relationships with the industry's leading eBook retailers. Gone are the d ..

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Small Business PCs Bring Cheer & Productivity

By   - Dec 15 , 20100 Comments

The holidays are in full swing, and customers are being greeted by an array of new technologies on retailers' shelves. People are seeing that technological advancements have change ..

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Kevin Nalty Informs and Entertains in Beyond Viral

By   - Dec 14 , 20100 Comments

If you haven't had the pleasure of getting to know Kevin yet, I encourage you to go to YouTube immediately and search "Nalts." As the most viewed personality on YouTube, Kevin Nalt ..

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12 Savvy Sources to Boost Your Customer Service

By   - Dec 14 , 20100 Comments

When business is slow, it's easy to think customers have moved to cheaper products or decided to do without the services you offer. In truth, the most likely reason is the quality ..

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Sketchcasts & Visual Learning

By   - Dec 13 , 20101 Comment

Sketchcasting enables you to communicate visually by recording a sketch, optionally with your voice speaking. Any sketch can then be embedded on your blog for people to play back. ..

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Tips to Prevent Social Media Identity Theft Risk

By   - Dec 13 , 20100 Comments

Today’s communication technology -- namely social media -- gives us more ways to keep in touch, but it also makes us more vulnerable. It’s important to proactively protect your pri ..

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When Should You Take Social Security?

By   - Dec 10 , 20100 Comments

He who hesitates is sometimes saving, it would seem, when you consider Social Security payments. That’s because monthly benefits will be higher for the rest of your life-you can ge ..

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Employers Help College Grads Gain Needed Job Skills

By   - Dec 09 , 20100 Comments

Class is always in session if you're a company looking to gain a strategic edge in hiring entry-level college graduates. The pool of work-ready college graduates is as high as ever ..

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