Post Your Videos to Multiple Sites with Ease

By Dec 12 , 20090 Comments

videobotOnline video has long been a powerful and indeed vital way of driving traffic to websites, but submitting them to online video sites has been difficult and time consuming. That has changed with the release of an innovative piece of software.

Videobot makes releasing online videos to a wide variety of online media a matter of moments. It is designed to make releasing and promoting online videos to hundreds of sites a job that can be done in minutes rather than days.

Online videos are a wonderful method of driving traffic and creating back links. Videos can become viral very quickly, with videos and links getting posted all over the net and driving more traffic than many webmasters could dream of normally. But the problem has always been propagating them throughout the net to try to start off a viral effect.

YouTube, for example, has reached 100 million viewers in the United States alone, a massive potential market to tap into. There are a plethora of software options for the easy creation of videos and online animations, but next to nothing available for the posting of videos to available content sites such as YouTube, until now.

This software also aids in the creation of online accounts for these sites. Unlike many ‘automated’ pieces of software which require you to manually sign up for accounts before you can submit all you have to do with Videobot Video Posting Software is enter the details once and then the software will create the accounts for you. Not only does it sign up to the accounts for you but also manages the follow up part, such as clicking confirmation links.

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