Social Media Strategist Neal Schaffer Releases LinkedIn Networking Book

By Oct 27 , 20090 Comments

windmillbookLinkedIn, with its 50 million members, is arguably the most popular and unique professional social networking site worldwide.

With the ability to create profiles, post resumes, develop relationships and network with new connections, find jobs, solve business problems through a Q&A forum, and join communities of like-minded professionals through LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn is now a must for any working professional or business.

Social networking and consulting expert Neal Schaffer has written a captivating, informative book on the best ways to utilize this unique social media tool in Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging and Maximizing LinkedIn.

“The benefits of LinkedIn for professionals and businesses are just tremendous. I wanted to provide not only a comprehensive and up-to-date book on the plethora of LinkedIn features, but I also wanted to get people to understand it within the context of the Social Web, as only by doing so can you truly maximize your presence on the site. I created the concept of Windmill Networking and teach it in this book in order to achieve this objective.”

Understanding the mechanics of LinkedIn without understanding social media and social networking only enables you to gain a fraction of the potential value that LinkedIn has to offer.

LinkedIn enables those in transition, as well as businesses to advertise on a global scale and be found for free. Isn’t that an extremely powerful thing for any professional or company to embrace?

“After building my career in Asia, I returned to my native Southern California with almost a zero local network. I embraced LinkedIn and social networking when I was unemployed to supplement my lack of local network and quickly understood first hand the power of building up virtual networks that would become my present trusted network of advisors.”

After reading the LinkedIn book, professionals will learn about:

  • Fundamental social networking concepts and how to apply them to LinkedIn
  • How to create and confirm your objective for using LinkedIn as well as how to develop and implement your personal “LinkedIn Brand”
  • Windmill Networking and how it can enrich your social media presence for long-term success
  • Engaging with others on LinkedIn through Windmill Networking and expanding your network globally
  • Leveraging & maximizing your LinkedIn presence through thoroughly utilizing Applications, Groups & Answers
  • Finding the best company and most fulfilling job on LinkedIn

About the Author:
Neal Schaffer is an internationally recognized social networking expert helping companies and individuals embrace social media for personal and business applications. His development of Windmill Networking and the LinkedIn potential parallels nearly two decades of success in sales and business development in the technology sector, concentrating on the Asia-Pacific region. He is the former Director of Sales, Asia Pacific East for Datapath, and Regional Vice President of Asia Pacific Sales for Espial. A graduate of Amherst College, Schaffer has a BA in Asian Studies and is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. For more information, visit