How to Write and Publish your own eBook in as little as 7 days

By Jan 07 , 20090 Comments

How to Write and Publish your own eBook in as little as 7 daysHow to Write and Publish your own eBook in as little as 7 days is a guide to ebook authoring and publishing, co-written by Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards. Joe Vitale, of the DVD movie “The Secret” fame, is one of the world’s most well known and celebrated copywriters. He has used his own ebook writing techniques to generate $45,000 in 3 months from a single publication. Generally speaking, Joe Vitale is known to charge around $1,500 per hour for face to face consultation on the topic of writing and communication, so this ebook is a great way to get your hands on some of that information at a much more cost effective rate.

The book boasts having such a clear step by step process that anyone can have an ebook up for sale in one week, regardless of previous writing experience.  The book takes you through choosing a very specific niche that you can focus on precisely, how to come up with an ebook idea that will sell to that niche, how to write your ebook extremely quickly, how to get it edited free of charge, how to publish your book online, and how to market your book and start earning money from it.

Also included are four free bonus reports & ebooks; “5 highly effective online marketing methods that don’t cost ANY money” by Jay Conrad Levinson, a 24-page interview with Joe Vitale on how he made his latest ebook “Spiritual Marketing” a success, a report on how to get your ebook setup on Clickbank, and “Million Dollar Emails”, a full ebook on successful email marketing strategies, normally priced at $19. If information ebook production and sales are your game, a step by step walkthrough from these proven experts is a great place to start.