Create a How-To Book

By Jan 07 , 20090 Comments

How To Write A How-To BookHow To Write A How-To Book is for anyone who has a hobby, special interest or set of professional experience that they can share with the world. Author Shaun Fawcett, a writer with over 30 years of professional experience, takes you through how to turn your unique experience and understanding into a profitable “how-to” ebook.

The guide gets right down to practical specifics, defining exactly what a how-to books should be, how to research and prepare your book, how to make sure your book will be found online, how to take care of copyright and ISBN’s, how to format your book and design your cover, how to establish credibility with your readers, how to add value to your product, how to properly include references and resources, and how to publish and distribute your book. The book also comes with a series of free bonuses including access to audio and video tools web pages, checklists and plans, a list of helpful software, a comprehensive keyword index of terms used in the book, as well as page layout templates and a free copy of Fawcett’s ebook “Writing Success Secrets”.

For anyone who has any valuable life experience to share with others, this book will show you how to create your own profitable “how-to” ebook.